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Our story

We believe that nothing is impossible. Therefore, the more demanding and challenging the requirements are, the more passion and innovation we invest to illuminate new paths and deliver state of the art and cutting edge solutions.

We have been creating products by bringing ideas to life for almost 15 years, establishing long lasting relations with prominent clients on a global level. We offer a vast range of cost effective services that are designed and asserted to focus on reliable and sustainable business concepts, providing constant enhancements and world class service. Our team is consisted of experienced professionals that enjoy full freedom to bring some of the most advanced solutions on the market to the world. We have formed strong and lasting partnerships with our clients and, once engaged, we have become exclusive providers for 100% of them. Yes, all of them are still with us.

The vision

Imagine that you have the freedom to bring your most creative ideas to life with the assistance and cooperation of trustworthy people that share the same vision.

We believe that not limiting your expectations by established standards has the power to make the world go forward. We value people: our employees, our clients and our customers. Our passion to perform keeps us awake at night and motivates us during work hours to want more, explore more and deliver more – and find clients that think and feel the same way. We work efficiently, we honor timelines and requirements and we strive to give prompt feedback and solutions. But we also believe that great products have to look awesome and amaze. That is why we reach out to our high end creative talents to give a premium look to everything we do. We don’t accept less than that.

Our front runners

Meet some of our people that were brave enough to stand in front of the team and invite you to get to know us better.




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Lead developer


As a highly profiled software development center and call center outsource provider, IT Lab offers a wide range of services and customized solutions to our clients. We believe in excellence and our highly qualified employees stand unmatched in the technology arena. We offer diverse project executions with structured methodologies and proven IT processes that help reduce complexity, while maintaining cost effective models of the entire Life Cycle development.
Our specialty covers some of the major IT requirements, such as Web Development, Rich Internet Applications, Mobile Development, Standalone Application Development, User Experience Testing Models, Design and Branding Services, SEO and Web Marketing, Call Center Outsourcing and Support & Maintenance.

Web & Application development

Our development services are specifically tailored to meet outstanding requirements. From service oriented desktop applications to high profile complex web applications, we provide expertise in the enterprise level of planning and execution, with streamlined business practices that embrace the latest cutting edge technology.

Mobile development

As business today is moving beyond the desktop world, adopting new emerging technologies and solutions on its way, smart phone applications have proved their significance in the business sector. We create state of the art applications and provide integration with existing systems on all established platforms.

Branding & Design

Over the years, we have been helping major companies and businesses to profile themselves with lasting corporate identities in the competing international markets. Our accumulated experience and proven creative expertise helps our clients boost their brands and convey their messages across a range of various marketing channels.

Call centre outsourcing

Anchoring on a lasting 15 years cooperation with the major players of the Scandinavian telecom market, we built a solid base for outsourcing the contact and support center, where the professional service given to both the company and the end customer, the competence and the resources are dedicated to protecting and strengthening the company and its brand.

SEO & Web marketing

Building an online presence and an adequate brand image implies continuous managing of various channels that help businesses to succeed by maximizing ROI and targeting potential customers. Working with us will bring you affordable and cost effective B2B and B2C solutions.

Support & Maintenance

Apart from creating awesome products, we believe that our clients’ trust and long-term success depends on our ability to assist in all aspects of the business process, even after the product has been delivered to the market. We stand for quality and give assistance, with our priority being to educate, give support and provide maintenance.


Our Culture

ITLab employs IT specialists coming from various academic and cultural backgrounds with a broad set of skills and outstanding experience. Each of our team members is motivated and has the freedom to bring a depth of talent and creativity to the company. Our office is a place where work is challenging, where innovation and initiatives are welcomed and where the work culture is shaped with the ultimate goal that everyone can make the best of their strengths. Our goal is not to create a competitive environment, but a team of honest and loyal people determined to work for benefit of the entire crew.

If you are motivated to achieve high milestones, learn new things, work and perform in a thriving international environment and enrich your life with a memorable and path-setting experience, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. Present yourself, whether we have open positions or not. We are always looking for proactive candidates to become our front runners and stay ahead of the game.

Open positions:

Software Developer C#

2 positions
  • Excellent knowledge of C# and ASP.Net, MVC and web services
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript/JSON/Ajax
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Familiarity with modern web frameworks, Angular or similiar
  • Knowledge of micro services architecture
  • Agile way of work and development (SCRUM and DevOps)
  • High-level knowledge of MS SQL and relational databases
  • Fluent level of written/spoken English
  • For full list of requirements, check link below:
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Spacebar d.o.o.

Omladinskih brigada 10

11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

Phone: +381 (11) 2223022

Email: office@itlab.co.rs

Website: www.itlab.co.rs

Some of our Clients

Universal Telecom
Timepiece LDA